CPAnder booking platform for eCommerce

CPAnder booking platform allows you to charge your customers online by capturing card payments through get-way and depositing them to your business banking account. It will work with any web site built on any CMS. So, why CPAnder?

CPAnder booking platform is visual and convenient

Booking platforms can be really confusing sometimes, it takes forever to figure out what are your time, price and other options. CPAnder is always plain and visually shows customer what the options are.

CPAnder booking platform

Your customers will never feel confused or puzzled. They see the options, everything stays plain and simple. They feel secure and safe and fair served. The outline of your products or services can vary dramatically: time, price, different options of the item etc. It always stays visual and intuitive!

CPAnder booking platform does NOT redirect 

Most of the third party booking platforms do redirect. And that's confusing. Not only it breaks the entire logic of conversion path, but also confuses your customers. And it should! You liked the site, you like the product and you're ready to buy when BOOM! You find yourself at a brand new space with different web site name, address and vibe. Feels like scam, doesn't it? 
That's why it's crucial customer stays at your web site at least till the payment is captured. CPAnder works within your web site and will never take you visitors to some different place. All the sale magic happens at your virtual place of business.

CPAnder booking platform

CPAnder implements customers data into your CRM

Whatever it is your data base where you keep all your customers data, CPAnder booking platform will transfer all purchase information right into it. No customer data outside of your CRM! You're in total control of the sensitive customers data and you manage it for future engagement.

CPAnder booking platform

CPAnder booking platform has NO upfront fees

Yes, that's right! We'll install CPAnder booking platform and adjust it to your needs absolutely for free! You pay only when you receive money from your customers. Within USA CPAnder takes care of all the processing fees and bank inter charges for 8% booking fee. So, you receive your money already cleared for all the fees applicable. If you conduct business, you know that interbank charges are complicated and can vary from 3% to 5% alone.
Outside US you'll be responsible for all the interbank charges and fees applicable and CPAnder will charge you only 3% from your gross receipts, processed through booking platform. So, once again, you've read it right, CPAnder will only charge you for transaction, successfully settled through CPAnder booking platform.

 How to order CPAnder booking platform

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