CPAnder eCommerce online store platform solution

CPAnder eCommerce is adjustable solution for online stores in any industries and fields of trade. Platform is designed to work with multi regional businesses, featuring subdomain and multi domain structures. Thus, if you run your trade in several states or even countries, we've got you covered.

No kidding! You will have subdomains for different states and cities as wells as different domains for different countries and languages. Why would you want that? The answer is simple. You want to be local. Local subdomain not only improves your ranking in the region, but also increase Google performance dramatically.

Besides, CPAnder eCommerce features booking platform, directly connected to your bank. You know it's essential to charge custoers upfront. We've go you covered! Flashy banners, profiles for customers, gift and club cards, email follow-ups and many more additional modules make CPAnder eCommerce cutting edge constantly growing platform with top notch performance!