Find and put all objects in order puzzle

Collect objects in order puzzle can accommodate unlimited amount of objects that need to be found, collected and placed in 3 inch radius from sensors. Base puzzle price is $89 plus $39 per each additional object. We provide you with programmed computer plus readers with magnet cards for them. You can glue or tape card to any types of objects you want your players to collect and put near readers in right order.
If you want us to design and create objects that'd be a subject for additional fee.
Collect and put objects in order puzzle
Price: $89 + $39 per each object

How does Find and put objects in order puzzle work?

Every reader has one or many magnet cards that will unlock it if come in radius of approx. 1 inch to it. Thus, when all the right cards are brought close enough to it's readers, the main computer will activate rely, that can unlock electric/magnetic lock or switch on next puzzle / any other electric device.
As a variation of Collect objects in order puzzle we can make each reader sufficient puzzle of itself. Thus, each time a reader recognized it's card, it will activate it's own rely. When all the readers read it's card, main computer will open main rely additionally. It come in handy when you want to do Find and put objects in order your central puzzle of the game. For example, each object can open it's own door or activate a puzzle to be solved and then putting all the objects in order opens final door. In such a variation each object will cost you $49.

How much Find and put objects in order puzzle costs?

Find and put objects in order puzzle costs $89 for main computer and $39 per each reader or $49 per each reader with it's own additional relay.

Find and put objects in order puzzle's success indication

Basic version of the puzzle has green led indicator for each object and a beep signal for main relay. For additional $69 puzzle can be modified to play any music you want for success/fail as well as various light indicators are possible.

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