Web Marketing

CPAnder Web Marketing team can dramatically enhance your online presence, skyrocketing you web site to Google's search result TOP-3 almost in any field of business. Working for many years in Search Engine Optimization field, CPAnder accumulated universal knowledge data base of search engines ranking algorithms. Detailed knowledge of how search engine finds, sees, understand and relevantly ranks content allows us to make our customer's web sites vital in relevant SERP.

We use only white hat SEO

We will never offer you anything that's not in full compliance with Google codex. Your web site will never be banned or downgraded in SERP after a relatively fast and successful period. We really build a momentum for your web site to keep on growing and become a vital in it's SERP. Reaching short-term goals is not our profile. We always aim for long-term online domination for our customers. Comes to build fast and short presence, there's context advertising, social media exposure and bunch of other tools. SEO is a long distance marathon.

How much SEO optimization costs?

Well, evidently your monthly expenses on SEO optimization depend on nature, size and goals of your business. Generally speaking, small local businesses should spend starting from $300 a month on SEO, whereas bigger national or international businesses spend starting from $1500 a month.

Where to start with SEO optimization?

Every SEO optimization project starts with full detailed analysis of the current state of your online presence. You need to know where you are in order to understand where to go and how to get in there. And that's our job. It takes up to 10 business days and as a result of it you'll get a full 30-50 pages report of what's going on with your business online and how to enhance your web presence and get to the Google's TOP-3.

We call it your SEO-bible here. It has all detailed instructions on how to optimize your web site for your industry's SERP. Having that in hand, the choice is yours. You can either follow instructions for DIY, hire us or any other company to do it. The cost of full SEO analysis is $350 for local, $750 for national and $1250 for international businesses.

Please send your inquires to info@cpander.com